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You're searching for information which will put you into a position from which you will be able to make a better decision. The way that you ask for information will make a big difference. Imagine an artist who specialises in working with miniatures being commissioned to work on a huge portrait.

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Life requires us all to be able to adapt to surprising new vistas and challenges. So there's no need to be anxious about the opportunity that arrives in your world today. When we're invited to take part in something that's beyond our normal range of interest, we can be secretly worried that it will lead us away from the things we rely on.

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Yet there's room for the old and the new in your world. Starting's always the hard part. When faced with a complicated conundrum, how on Earth are you supposed to know where to begin? As an Aries, surely you like to leap in headfirst and start where you land? Of course, you could be diligent and start compiling lists, collecting data and double-check before implementing a carefully considered strategy. But is there really time for that?

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Don't fritter time worrying about making a mistake. Do the best job you can; it will be enough. As Venus, your ruler, settles into a new sector of the sky, your feelings are intensified. So what are you supposed to do with them? You can't just put them away until a situation changes. You need to acknowledge them so that they're able to inform your choice. Yet there's someone else involved, who has strong feelings too. Can you just ignore their views and insist that yours are upheld? You have the gift of being able to negotiate through a jungle of complicated emotions today.

The characters have all been called to the drawing room, where they're waiting for the crime to be solved. Since this story has been written by an ingenious author, even though we all have a suspect in mind, there's bound to be a surprise in store.

There will have been a few carefully placed red herrings which have led us off track. Cosmic forces enable you to uncover lots of missing information today. Although some of it will surprise or even shock you, it will be of great benefit. Should you trust your gut instincts? Or would it be better to take your time, think things through, and decide how you feel about a delicate situation? The more time you take to reflect, the surer you'll be, right? This can certainly be the case.

Yet, all too often, our initial impression of a particular scenario disappears once we've had time to acclimatise to it. Persistent pensiveness might take you no further than you've already come. But it just might inform you of the perfect path to take. You're a Leo, born under the majestic symbol of the lion. Awesome and adorable, fierce and cuddly, you can inspire love and fear.

So why do you so seldom capitalise on your awe-inspiring charismatic strengths? It's as if you sometimes forget your persuasive powers, and your ability to charm. Yet, even when you're not aiming for maximum impact, you remain a tour-de-force. You've earned your right to be centre-stage today. Don't let anyone tell you differently, and enjoy the well-deserved acclaim.

They say it 'takes all sorts to make the world'.


Yet where are the people who think that? Who are these icons of compassion? Haven't they understood that it's our differences that make life so complicated? The world would be much simpler if everyone just did things one way - and that's your way! You're usually an accepting soul, yet you're finding it impossible to accept a particular attitude.

You're witnessing something that should not be overlooked. Don't be afraid to call out what you see.

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It sometimes feels as if we're surrounded by people who have all the answers. The truth is that you're sometimes a member of this group of individuals. That's why you also understand that knowing the right answer isn't always enough. Some people find life easier to understand if they believe that each moment of it was planned, even before they arrived here on planet Earth.

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They are comforted by the notion of destiny. I don't know about you but I find the concept of having no choice utterly disheartening. Who on earth wants to feel as if everything in their world has already been decided? How can that possibly work? Under the light of the New Moon, you have a chance to prove your ability to shape your future.

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