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In either case, your suggestion to follow up with the Google Ad Manager support is the right one. Thanks jasti for your reply, we will investigate this today. I'm the tech guy, the ad part is done by someone else, therefore it's important he has as much info as possible. Again thank you all ;. Thanks jasti for your reply ; That explains a lot ; We are working right now on the configuration on Ad Manager to see if we can get some other results in the placement.

I think it might be a good idea to indicate somewhere in the documentation that Adsense is not supported in AMP Story auto ads throught Google Ad Center ;. I have the exact same issue as yourself. Everything is installed correctly and triggering but our Google Ad Manager is set up to deliver AdSense, which as mentioned is not actually supported in auto-amp-story-ads.

We have tried the most basic solution by seting up our own promotional ads in Google Ad Manager to be sure that something would be delivered When analysing the request from Chrome inspect tools, we see that the calls are done, but the returned content is an empty iframe. I don't know if this will help you, we are still looking for a solution, it'll be nice if we can share here our experience to finally get to this graal ;.

It also seems there is a large lack of support for auto-amp-story-ads in terms of ad delivery from all ad networks. I find it very strange Adsense was not a priority support for amp-story-ads and no indication of when it will be supported as this would make our lives so much easier. If we do make any progress or discover an ad network that delivers, I will let you know. We also tried to find some AMP Story with ads, as the ones shown in the example, none of them was working. When I mentionned that, I got "ads must be geotargetted" as an answer we're based in France.

I personnaly think that the AMP Story is a great solution to show content, and to make the whole experience easier on the dev site, why not using Adsense? This is a no brainer Fortunately for us, we do have an expert in-house For the AMPProject developers, could you please let us now what is the future of auto-amp-story-ads in relation with Adsense?

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AMP Story's are amazing and we've had an incredible response to the story's we have published so far so we intend to invest long term in this format. Hopefully a simple AdSense support solution is coming soon! Unfortunately adsense is still not supported.

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The only ad network that is currently supported is doubleclick. We have it listed here in the docs, but let me know if you were looking somewhere else it should be added.

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We are actively working on adsense support and hope to have it launched ASAP. We will be sure to make an announcement when it is ready. The documentation you refer to is exactly what we have set up on our amp stories but with AdSense selected as the Ad Network via Google Ad Manager.

As there are many ad networks to select, how do we know which are supported in amp-story when selecting an Ad Network? Or am I completely missing something here? I can't actually see anywhere in the docs where it states AdSense is not supported and I naturally assumed it would be, the same as greghuet , so I think this is the most confusing aspect of it.

As I understand, doubleclick, is the Ad Server, not the network? Thanks again for your help. I think this naming got a bit more confusing when Google rolled everything under "Google Ad Manager". Maybe it would be more correct to say, currently we only support direct sold creatives trafficked through Google ad manager historically was doubleclick. I will think a bit about how to make this more clear in the docs. You can not currently serve any adsense demand into amp stories yet. Hopefully that clears things up. That literally now makes everything clear! Thanks for clearing this up.

Will look forward to AdSense being supported in the future at some point. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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Thanks in advance. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Update amp-story-auto-ads. Correct, there is no AdSense support at the moment. Today I find start finding out what the reality is.. I personally apologize that you had a bad experience there. I wish people could understand the enormous amount of work the moderators put into trying to making that place great for all aspects of Star Wars fandom not just one or two particular groups.

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